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How are earring pairs made? 

Earrings are made from similar or matching pairs of illustrations. They're priced a little differently as it's harder to find matching illustrations in a similar size and style. Occasionally the same illustration appears across multiple different publications, sometimes even from different decades. All this results in slight variations in size and colour. 

Each set is poured from the same batch of resin to ensure the same colours for each ear. 


Is mine the only sooty-eye shearwater? 

Maybe, maybe not. While each illustration is sourced directly from original vintage print material (never reproduced) occasionally the same illustration is found printed across many publications or I find a second copy for sale. As I can’t always remember every illustration I’ve found, sometimes pairs end up as necklaces or brooches rather than earrings. It's a giant game of Pick-A-Dilly. But rest assured yours is the only one with its unique shape and background colors. 


Can I request a custom animal, bird or item?

Yes, you can, but it depends on the illustrations I have. I can’t guarantee I have a capybara big enough for a necklace or small enough for earrings. But you can ask and I’ll try. There’s a minimum of one month wait time and an extra $50 fee.  


Do you offer retailer discounts? 

Sure do, just hop on over to the contact form and shoot me an email. I’m happy to discuss wholesale prices. 


What does Aotearoa taonga mean? 

In Te Reo Māori 'taonga' is a term that signifies something of great worth, something precious and cherished. 'Taonga species' specifically refers to the unique and irreplaceable endemic birds, reptiles, and plants found exclusively in New Zealand. This collection of jewellery celebrates this remarkable biodiversity.


Can I buy Imaginarium in person?


Yes, check in on our socials to see which markets and retailers we are currently stocked in. 


Why do 5% of profits go towards Flock Bird Care Network? 

When I’m not making jewellery or paper art in my studio you can find me looking after any number of bird patients or running bird care workshops. Selling my art helps fund my bird rehabilitation work and outreach. Any and all donations are appreciated <3

What is your returns policy?

If you believe your purchase has been damaged in transit and consequently not what was pictured please get in touch via email at and I'll organise a refund. 

No refunds for change of mind or loss in transit. Please select the courier option at check out for insurance and EMS tracking. 

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