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The victorian language of flowers

Amaranth: Immortality

Anemone: Anticipation

Apple blossom: Admiration

Aspen leaf: Fear

Brier: Insult

Buttercup: Wealth

Calla: Pride

Camellia: Illness

Candytuft: Indifference

Cornflower: Heaven

Cowslip: Youthful beauty

Cypress: Death

Daffodil: Unrequited love

Daisy: Simplicity

Dandelion: Coquetry

Evergreen: Hope

Everlastings: Undying affection

Fern: Forsaken

Five-leafed clover: Bad luck

Four-leafed clover: Good luck

Foxglove: Insincerity

Goldenrod: Encouragement

Heather: Loneliness

Heliotrope: Devotion

Honeysuckle: Fidelity

Hyacinth: Sorrow

Ivy: Trustfulness

Laurel: Fame

Lilac: Fastidiousness

Lotus: Forgetfulness

Marigold: Contempt

Moss or dry twig: Old age

Myrtle: Wedded bliss

Narcissus: Vanity

Oak leaf: Power

Orange blossom: Marriage

Oxalis: Pangs of regret

Palm leaf: Conquest

Pansy: Loving thoughts

Poppy: A tryst at evening

Rosemary: Remembrance

Rue: Repentance

Scarlet geranium: A kiss

Snowdrop: A friend in need

Stinging nettle: Rudeness

Tuberose: Bereavement

Tulip: Boldness

Violet: Modesty

Yellow rose: Jealousy

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